State Criminal Law

If you're facing criminal charges in North Carolina, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your rights and help you understand your options.

Attorney Jeffers has provided reliable and effective legal services to clients in Wake county and the surrounding Counties for 30 years. We represent clients from all backgrounds, and we'll work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.

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  • Murder

    Manslaughter, homicide, and murder charges are extremely serious, carrying heavy penalties with potentially lifelong impacts. Understanding the specifics of the charges against you is crucial to building the best possible defense. These cases require the skills of an experienced lawyer from the moment an investigation is opened or an accusation or arrest is made.

    If charged with murder in North Carolina, don't hesitate to contact Attorney Jeffers for a consultation.

  • Drug Trafficking

    Drug trafficking is a felony charge. Depending on the types of illegal substances involved, you could be looking at decades of jail time, heavy fines, and lifelong consequences if convicted.

    If you've been arrested or suspect you're being investigated for federal trafficking, contact an experienced drug trafficking lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you put together a proactive defense that reduces or eliminates your penalty in the event of a conviction.

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  • Sex Crimes

    When you've been accused of a sexual offense, you need a detail-oriented sex crime lawyer on your team to carefully sort out the facts of the case and ensure you are represented fairly and with dignity. 

    Witnesses are rare in these cases, and the evidence often comes down to one person's word against another. Moreover, being accused of a sex crime is often devastating to one's reputation; defendants in sex crimes cases are less likely to receive the benefit of the doubt afforded to other defendants.

    If you're forced to register as a sex offender, your personal relationships could be at stake, along with your livelihood and access to housing. 

    Consult with a top sex crime lawyer at Attorney Jeffers Attorneys at Law for guidance right away.

  • Assaults

    Assault charges vary in severity, from misdemeanor assaults to aggravated assaults and other violent crimes. 

    Experienced and knowledgeable representation is crucial to ensure every relevant factor in your defense is presented clearly and in full detail to the court.

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  • Serious Felonies

    Serious felony cases need a serious defense. Brilliant legal representation by a state felony attorney could mean the difference between retaining your freedom or spending months, years, or even decades behind bars. If you're convicted of first-degree murder in North Carolina, you could even lose your life.

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  • Death by Motor Vehicle

    Death by motor vehicle can be either a misdemeanor or felony offense in North Carolina. Either way, the consequences of being convicted can be devastating to your life and livelihood.

    Possible vehicle-involved charges include:

    • DWI death
    • Voluntary manslaughter
    • Involuntary manslaughter
    • Misdemeanor death by motor vehicle
    • Felony death by motor vehicle
    • Second degree murder

    An expert state criminal attorney will explain the details of your case and thoroughly explore every option available to you in mounting your defense. Reach out to Attorney Jeffers to learn more.

  • Misdemeanors

    Don't be fooled into thinking a misdemeanor offense doesn't require legal representation. Misdemeanors in North Carolina can carry heavy penalties, including hefty fines and jail time. Plus, a misdemeanor conviction goes on your permanent record, possibly excluding you from future jobs, access to housing, and other opportunities.

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